FogLAMP – Simplifying IIoT Data Management for Equipment Suppliers

Future Proof IoT Services, Support Your Customer’s Operations, Deliver IoT Vision Faster-Better-Cheaper

Selling new IoT services is on every industrial equipment vendor’s and competitor’s product road map. Machines and services that learn, predict maintenance, alert on conditions and automate operations are being delivered today.

Equipment in a factory or plant is part of a system not an island unto itself. How does this affect your IoT service architecture? How does this complicate your development and operations? How can you integrate into your customer’s systems, deliver on time while taking full advantage of rapid hardware, software, connectivity and security digital innovations?

Industrial IoT Services with Your Customer’s, Equipment’s and Business’s Futures in Mind

Get more features and higher quality while saving time and mone. FogLAMP’s 30 man-years of architecting, developing, testing combined with its open source Apache 2 license is just a start. Critical future-proof services like: cloud independence, support for any/all sensors, interfaces and equipment, network independence, security and system management and integrations with customer’s IT-OT systems – will save you millions in development and operating expense. It will also enable you to build more sustainable value in your service offers.

Connecting a couple sensors to your equipment, routing data to a cloud then offering customers an account to view reports, creates data silos. That path cannot transform your business or your customer’s. FogLAMP’s modular pluggable architecture enables your IoT services to be integrated with any operational or IT system your customers require today and tomorrow. Do not get stuck with an edge technology from a cloud provider that intends to capture, lock then control your data and business.

Instead of dedicating time and resources to building and supporting complex IoT technology, spend more time creating value from your connected products and growing your business. Dianomic along with our partner ecosystem including OSIsoft, Advantech, Nexcom, The Linux Foundation and Nokia are here to help.

FogLAMP Key Benefits: