Universal, open source, Industrial IoT applications and solutions

Universal, open source, Industrial IoT applications and solutions

Scalable, flexible, secure, economical - Industrial 4.0 Edge

Open Industrial 4.0 Edge

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FogLAMP is commercially-supported Fledge
Fledge is the Linux Foundation’s IIoT Project

FogLAMP Open Industrial Edge

Smarter Sensors, Machines, Plants, Mines, Factories and Business

Simplify IIoT

What do we mean by “Simplify”?


“FogLAMP solves the diversity and complexity issues when collecting and processing data beyond the process control network. OSIsoft recommends all our industrial customers and partners begin their IIoT journey by integrating FogLAMP into their industrial 4.0 deployments and asks them to join our growing community.”

—Richard Beeson, CTO OSIsoft

Google Machine Learning

“FogLAMP’s ability to collect, process, transform and send machine data as well as run TensorFlow Lite on the edge makes it an excellent complement to Google's AI platform. As an active member of the Linux Foundation, Google is proud to support this open source community through contributions to the FogLAMP project, empowering next generation industrial processes and machines.”

—Craig Wiley, Director Product Management Google Cloud AI

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Why Dianomic?

Kubernetes, Linux, Hadoop, MySQL, MuleSoft
Why are the most successful software projects in the 21st century open source?
Innovation velocity, no lock-in, ASP, cost of development, lifetime value, cloud first – Fog next.
Exactly what OT-IT needs!

Customers Come First

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Built for Industrial Use

Industrial users have unique IoT requirements like MES, Historian, OEE integration… Read more

Signal Processing, ML, and Cloud Computing

IIoT is the most exciting and challenging distributed computing problem today… Read more

Open Source Community Driven

Kubernetes, Linux, Hadoop, MySQL, MuleSoft: why are the most successful software projects… Read more

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