FogLAMP Manage

4.0 Edge Management

Empower Data Scientists, No-Code Engineers, Coders and IT

FogLAMP Manage - Industrial Edge Management

Provision, scale, manage and secure all your IIoT applications and edge ML with Cloud like simplicity and control.

While FogLAMP can be completely managed via its open API and User Interface, FogLAMP Manage delivers system-wide edge management for securely scaling up and out the edge across the enterprise.

  • Centralized management
  • Centralized monitoring
  • Self-serve
  • Enterprise scale
  • Change management with
    audit and logging
  • Extensive version control
  • Update, delete, and rollback
  • Abstraction of FogLAMP
  • Manage FogLAMPs behind
  • Role-based access
  • Templates
  • Edge processing
  • Edge event management
  • Complete REST API
Factory with FogLAMP

4.0 Edge Management that Empowers the Team

No-Code Engineers
  • No code apps
  • No data silos
  • Self-serve
  • Scalable, easy, and fast
  • Certify apps, plugins, mappings, filters
Data Scientists
  • Edge inference
  • Self-serve
  • More data
  • Clean data
  • Better labels
  • Better models
IT Staff
  • Reduce workload
  • Scalable/secure
  • Change management
  • Compliant
  • Multi-tenant
  • Audit/trace
  • Better information
  • Inexpensive IO
  • Industry 4.0
  • Don’t touch control network
  • Compliant
  • Reduce risk

Empower No-Code Engineers to easily create, deploy and use edge applications and data pipelines

Start No-Code cycle

The old traditional OT integration led with “why nots”
  “You want to put how many devices on the network?”
  “We don’t have enough license tags to hold all that information.”
  “I don’t think we can talk to that.”
  “Load is high, we are hands-off this week.”
  “We have enough trouble already.”
  “This information is not critical to system operations.”

FogLAMP Manage leads with “Yes.”

When engineering, maintenance, operations or business needs to understand, improve, monitor, predict or track they have the tools and means to do it

Create app
Create App, Provision

Building edge applications, data pipelines and integrations couldn't be easier.

Templates and applications can be then certified, saved, shared, reused and deployed enterprise wide

Manage, Operate
Operate, Manage

Bulk updates, rollbacks and change management scales FogLAMP's 4.0 Edge

Centralized management of the state of all FogLAMPs across the enterprise. Know your applications are all operational and data is flowing.

Empower Data Scientists—Manage ML Life Cycles

Collect, label Edge Training Data

Collecting enough clean labeled data remains a basic and frustrating challenge. FogLAMP Manage works in concert with n FogLAMPs collecting data n times faster and with n times more likely hood of capturing and labeling data that matters.

Send to Data Scientist
Send to Data Scientists

FogLAMP Manage uses simple templates to configure and control the FogLAMPs as a group

From a central console, the data scientist collects, cleans, labels and forwards the data to the scientist’s tools of choice where models are built.

Deploy Edge Models

FogLAMP Manage deploys models to the edge where the model inference executes as a rule. In the case where models are used for predictive maintenance or anomaly detection, notifications and actions can take place. In the cases where models are used for OEE, integrations with quality and accounting systems are managed.

Then the cycle repeats with new clean labeled data being used to update and improve models continuously.