Fledge is the Linux Foundation’s open source IIoT edge platform  project and community.    Fledge was seeded by contributions from Dianomic, Google, OSIsoft and industrial companies. Over 60 LF Edge member companies support the Fledge project today.

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FogLAMP is an  IIoT framework for industrial edge applications that collects, transforms, executes  edge  based ML and integrates industrial edge data.  FogLAMP is commercially supported Fledge from Dianomic.

FogLAMP-manage provisions, scales, manages and secures all your IIoT applications and edge ML with Cloud like simplicity and control.

FogLAMP-ai delivers edge based AI/ML.  Making every sensor, machine, process and product smarter better.   

Your path to world class OEE & Industrial transformation.