Open Industrial 4.0 Edge

Smarter Sensors, Machines, Plants, Mines, Factories and Business

FogLAMP Collect Transform Inform

FogLAMP is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) open source platform. FogLAMP uses a pluggable microservices architecture to connect all asset data, analyze the data and securely integrate to the existing systems that inform operators, engineers, maintenance teams, and data scientists. FogLAMP is the unifying solution for your industrial 4.0 Edge.

Connect · Transform · Integrate all Assets

FogLAMP Diagram

Using a modern service oriented architecture (SOA), FogLAMP connects and integrates a single asset or the entire edge of a global enterprise. Deployed in a hierarchy or mesh, FogLAMPs can form an IIoT fabric processing, analyzing and delivering edge information where needed.


Building edge applications and machine learning couldn’t be easier

FogLAMP has over 50 industrial protocols, data mappings and sensor plugins. Our community contributes new ones every month. FogLAMP has over 20 north plugins connecting to ERP, logistics, OEE, MES, historians, databases, and clouds. If it doesn’t exist, FogLAMP’s plugin architecture enables rapid isolated development of new protocols and data mappings for any industrial asset or integration. Building edge applications using pluggable filters, rules, ML runtimes or scripting couldn’t be easier.