The Most Powerful Platform to Simplify Data Management in the Fog


FogLAMP is an open source platform for the Internet of Things and an essential component in Fog Computing. It uses a modular microservices architecture including sensor data collection, storage, processing and forwarding to Historians, Enterprise systems and Cloud-based services. FogLAMP can run in unattended environments that assume unreliable network connectivity. Deployments support high availability requirements with FogLAMPs in hot standby or in cost effective standalone mode.


By providing a bidirectional, modular framework under an open source Apache v2 license, FogLAMP is the best platform to manage the data infrastructure for IoT. The modules can be distributed at the Edge and in the Fog, and they act together to provide scalability, elasticity and resilience.



Why FogLAMP?

FogLAMP has been designed from the ground up with Fog Computing in mind. This means that its architecture is naturally secure, distributed and requires no maintenance, on many operating environments, hardware and devices.
End users and systems integrators can use FogLAMP “as is”. They can select the services they need and install them on smart gateways, in virtual machines, in containers or directly on bare metal systems.
OEMs and developers can use and enhance the microservice architecture of FogLAMP by adding and implementing services, functions, plugins and new applications. They can build and add their own or select existing ones, provided by commercial vendors or open source contributors. Dianomic also provides certified services, support and plugins to deploy in production environments.
Furthermore, FogLAMP is the connecting technology between new smart sensors and devices, existing Historians, operational and manufacturing applications, and new Cloud-based services. It is the real Fog solution, naturally distributed in the network infrastructure.


The Power of Open Source

As LAMP for the World Wide Web, or LAMBDA for Big Data, Open Source Software is disrupting the world of IoT/IIoT and Fog Computing. FogLAMP is the answer to the plethora of fragmented and incompatible technologies that developers and systems integrators must connect together to build their projects and manage their data at the Edge and in the Fog.

Foglamp is extremely scalable. Straight from GitHub, it can be connected to one sensor, and a historian to deliver data as needed. But it can also scale up to retrieve data from multiple sensors and send data to multiple destinations. It can be deployed in hierarchies and meshes, and it can be setup to provide redundant, fail-over functionality. FogLAMP is very flexible.