FogLAMP – Simplifying IIoT Data Management from Sensors to Clouds

FogLAMP is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) open source project and an essential Fog Computing component. FogLAMP uses a pluggable modular architecture to easily connect any/all sensors and IIoT devices, manage their data and forward it to historians (like OSIsoft’s PI), enterprise systems and the cloud. FogLAMP’s modern architecture eliminates the expensive proprietary DCS, PLC, SCADA, sensor silos that make integrating and analyzing data from multiple systems so difficult. By using a consistent set of RESTful APIs to develop, manage and secure all your IIoT applications, FogLAMP is the vendor unifying solution. Developers and operators no longer face complexity and fragmentation issues when building their IIoT applications as they gather and process more sensor data to automate and transform business.

FogLAMP scales up and out, connecting one sensor to the cloud or thousands of sensors to multiple destinations. Deployed in hierarchies or meshes, FogLAMP provides a consistent set of methods and APIs for all your IIoT development and operational requirements.

FogLAMP features:

Why FogLAMP?

The Industrial Internet of Things market is too fragmented and complex. The plethora of sensor protocols, industrial systems, hardware types, cloud protocols, and “standards” is unmanageable. The complexity of security, network types, life-cycle management, reliability and integrating all the above has no solution. If business is going to achieve the promises of automation and transformation these issues must be addressed first.

Choosing an IIoT application framework or gateway technology from a cloud operator or major equipment manufacturer is a sure way to lock your business to that vendor’s whims. When tomorrow’s better ML/AI solution only operates on the “other cloud service”, your options become expensive and time consuming.

FogLAMP has been designed from the ground up to address these fragmentation, complexity and vendor lock-in challenges. Its modular plugin architecture allows the necessary any to any connectivity with a consistent set of APIs and methods to manage and secure all your IIoT requirements from sensors to edge applications to clouds. FogLAMP works with your existing processes, procedures and data infrastructure while allowing you to easily adopt emerging methods and technologies when and if appropriate. By making FogLAMP open source with an Apache 2 license it can be freely adopted by anyone and used with virtually any business model giving you ultimate flexibility.

End users and system integrators can use FogLAMP “as-is”. You can select the plugins and services you need and download a completely supported package from Dianomic. Packages run on virtually any Linux derivative on smart gateways, virtual machines, in containers or directly on bare metal systems. Inevitably there will always be that machine or sensor with some strange protocol or data mapping that needs to be connected. Using FogLAMP’s modular architecture, writing a new Python plugin can be easily completed by you, your system integrator or by Dianomic.

Equipment manufacturers, OEMS and developers can enhance FogLAMP by implementing their own services, functions, plugins and applications. Using the Apache 2 license you own your derivative works and can commercialize your solution however the business requires. If desired, Dianomic can help you architect, build, test and support your products and solutions. Just give us a call.


FogLAMP’s pluggable modular architecture enables the any sensor to any destination services. Microservices are written in C/C++ for performance, plugins are written in Python for easy fast development.

The Power of Open Source and Modularity

As LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl) enabled the World Wide Web and LAMBDA Big Data, Open Source Software is now disrupting the world of IIoT and Fog computing. Dianomic is committed to open source and accelerating the growth of IIoT. Dianomic joined The Linux Foundation’s Edge project as a premier member and Dianomic is contributing FogLAMP to the foundation. Users, developers and OEMs can build, deploy and operate their IIoT solutions and products faster, better, and cheaper knowing they have state-of-the-art software and complete autonomy.

The dynamics in the IIoT market are exciting but fraught with architectural risk. Cloud vendors build IIoT edge software to ensure all your data gets stored and processed by them. Hardware vendors build IIoT edge software designed to sell their hardware. IoT solution providers need you locked from their edge to their cloud and analytics solutions. Chip manufacturers are trying to lock you into their proprietary key management controlling your overall security and life-cycle-management. Anyone of these could be today’s good choice but tomorrow’s legacy and your problem. Who knows if Google, Microsoft, Amazon, SAP, or IBM will be the better cloud service for your IIoT needs in 2020 and beyond? FogLAMP’s any to any modularity means you don’t need to guess because it will work with the one, two or three you need when you need them.